Equipping the next generation

STM Stories.pngThursday 08 September 2022 11:26

At ECM we are passionate about equipping and investing into the lives and calling of the next generation. That is why we have short-term opportunities in Europe for those who want to explore the missions calling in their life.
Read here the story of Dominik, an ECM short-termer in Germany.

My name is Dominik de Bruijne, and I come from the Netherlands. Since April 2021 I work in Schwerin, Germany.

The first half year, I did an internship in the Patchwork Center as part of my Theology studies. After my internship, I had the feeling that I should stay in Schwerin for the present.

My job is varied. I work a lot with children, but also teach adults in faith. The Patchwork Center has a band, in which I play the violin. Besides that, I am responsible for the plants in and outside the Patchwork Center.

Schwerin has my heart. Nevertheless, I don't know for how long I'll stay here. When God wants me to go, I'll go, and when God wants me to stay, I'll stay. It is therefore possible that my short-term mission will change in a long-term mission.

Please pray with us for Dominik and his ministry at the Patchwork Center. May God lead his steps as he walks faithfully in the path God has prepared for him. We are cheering for him!

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