ECM Update on the Ukraine Crisis

ECM Update UkraineThursday 24 February 2022 19:25

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine this morning, we want to update you about the situation of our ECM workers there and the situation on the field. Read or download the last update about the Ukraine crisis here.

Dear friends,

As you all know, the Russian invasion of Ukraine started this morning, and we want to keep you informed about our ECM workers there and the situation on the field.

The ECMI Crisis Management Team was called to intervene on the 12th February, setting in motion protocols to manage the crisis and calling the ECM network to prayer. 

The situation has been evolving rapidly since this morning, but we are in close contact with our ECM workers there and they are safe.

We are working to effectively assist our partners and the Ukrainian Churches in several ways: we are coordinating all communications related to the crisis, both with the team in Ukraine and the wider ECM network; we are also providing member care for our workers involved; finally, we are coordinating the ECM mobilisation efforts to raise financial and prayer support to help with the crisis, more details about this coming soon.

The team and the churches in Ukraine, as well as the ECMI Crisis Management Team, ask for your prayers and support in these difficult times. Please pray for peace for Ukraine.

European Christian Mission
Crisis Management Team

Download this report on PDF here

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