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The weekend of the 24th-26th February marks the anniversary of the war's beginning, when for many of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, a year of horror started. We want to remember them, and stand with them as they keep fighting, suffering, and serving others.

After one year, the long-term devastation of the war and the cold Ukrainian winter have made the needs even more urgent: families who have lost their houses to missiles and shells, lack of food, clothes, electricity... 

Responding to those great needs has become the main focus of our help, but we cannot do this without you.

We want to invite you to "A Weekend with Ukraine", a weekend to remember and help others in need.

Can you help them?


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*Please note that we endeavour to pass on as much of your gift as possible (minimum 95%) to the ministry in Ukraine and retain only a small portion of it to cover our administration costs and banking charges.


We are calling for Christians all over the world to mark the occasion with a special initiative in favour of Ukraine. This can be a special offering, a simple fundraising event, a day of fasting and prayer, an awareness evening, trying out a Ukrainian recipe... Or all of it!

You can reach out to your church, community or network and stand with Ukraine for a weekend. 
Contact us for more information, materials, or suggestions.





Bank transfer
: If you would like to make your gift by Bank Transfer, follow this link for more details of how to do that.


*Warning: the videos may contain graphic images





The Irpin church: a testimony of love and service

News Stories.png A journalist from the Guardian newspaper reports the work of the Irpin church during the work. We praise God for the good testimony of this church during the war. "Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth." (1 John 3:18) full story

Angry and Grateful

News Stories (1).png Viktoria in Ukraine on 12 Months of War. "God can handle all my emotions", says Viktoria Haviley, who reveals the personal and public impact of continued conflict. Listen to her interview or read the highlights here. full story

Living through the war

News Stories.png "There is no sense in asking about the reasons for the war or doubting the goodness and justness of God as we can see and testify to God's love and faithfulness every day, despite the curfews and air raid sirens going off almost every day in the safer places like where we live, and nearly all day long in the eastern parts of Ukraine." full story

They were living in a 15m2 hut...

News Stories.png Artur and his family were miraculously saved when a missile fell into the basement they were taking refuge in, but did not explode. However, the next one brought their house to ruins. They had to spend many cold months living in a 15m2 hut, but thanks to God and to your donations, they have a house now. full story

The war has torn down many houses, we are building them up.

News Stories.png Watch this beautiful video that shows David James' visit to the housing project. Thousands have lost their home in the war, and many of them are Christians in need. Now, we are building houses for them in partnership with the Irpin church. Hear their stories! full story

Visiting the work in Ukraine

News Stories.png "It is just incredible what the church is doing here [in Ukraine], how much they are doing every single day, and it is making a real difference. People are coming, they are interested in the Word of God, and people are responding to God’s love." full story

Iryna’s Christmas Party for Her Community in Western Ukraine

News Stories (1).png The Australian radio ministry Hope 103.2 interviewed Iryna, one of our Ukrainian ECMers, who shared what Christmas looks like for a Christian worker serving in a country in war. She invites us to witness what life's like in Lviv and how Christmas this year still will be a celebration of joy and hope. full story

A New Hope for Ukraine

News Stories.png "Behind the plundered lands and shops, ruined homes, schools, and hospitals are the lives of people who lost so much. But not hope. We are ready to help with everything we can to keep that hope alive.
I know we are not alone because each of you is praying, supporting, and caring. I know we are not alone because of Emanuel – God is with us." full story

Volunteer Centres: showing Christ's love

News Stories (2).png Our partners in Ukraine have set up volunteer centres in six towns. There, people can go to receive food, clothes, prayer and the Good News of Jesus. Can you help us help them? full story

Houses for Ukraine

News Stories (3).png The battle of Irpin killed over 300 people, and thousands saw how their home, with everything in it, turned to ruins under the bombs. Now, we're helping them build new ones. full story

Caring for Ukrainians in Croatia

News Stories.png That week, I found myseld practising very much the virtue of listening. I wish you could listen the heartbreaking stories of Ukrainian refugees and, at the same time, the wonderful testimonies of God’s love, protection and provision. full story

God is good at all times

Ukraine Prayer Alert (news) "We could feel people were praying for us, because most of us felt peace inside of situation. All of us are doing ok, nobody is in panic but the uncertainty is back. Thank you for your prayers and care. God is good at all times." full story

Standing Together with Ukraine

News Stories.png This Autumn, ECM is organising a Ukraine UK tour. ECM Ukrainian workers Kostya and Viktoria will be visiting several churches in the UK to share their experience of serving God during the war. Come, be informed, be inspired. full story

Summer Day Camp for kids in Lviv, Ukraine

unnamed (56).jpg This year, the idea to do the Summer Day Camp for kids was challenging and bold at the same time. Only four days after it was advertised, 90% of the 60 spots for the camp were filled. 80% of the children were from unchurched families. full story

News from Ukraine

unnamed (53).jpg Every time we realize that life can stop. Abruptly. Every time we hear the alarm going off, we pray fervently and thank God when it stops. We aren't to waste our time but take a chance to share God's love and the Good News of Jesus. full story

The story of Evgen & Diana

Stories from Ukraine Evgen & Diana, with their toddler Benjamin, come from the eastern part of Ukraine, the Donetsk region. They saw their lives disrupted as the war arrived at their doorstep. full story

The ministry of ECMers in Lviv, Ukraine

24.jpg Our field leader in Ukraine and his wife have created this video report showing and sharing with us the ministry of the ECM team and the church in Lviv, Ukraine. Don't miss it! full story

"Our children and teenagers haven’t had so much laughter and fun since we left our homes in Ukraine"

wesley-tingey-dKCKiC0BQtU-unsplash.jpg Many Ukrainian mothers and grandmas came to our team after the outreach, and they had tears in their eyes, as they were trying to articulate their appreciation and gratitude. full story

Bringing hope to where it's needed the most

ronak-valobobhai-4qHWTuP_RLw-unsplash.jpg Despite all the challenges, we all returned to Lviv, hopeful and encouraged by what we had seen, by observing the life coming back to the ruined city, ministry of our colleague workers, and partner churches. They continue to serve and bring hope to where it's needed the most. full story

Christian leaders come together to help Ukrainian refugees

clay-banks-QkUvP57wi20-unsplash.jpg On 21st and 22nd of May, 72 Christian leaders from 22 European countries gathered in Krakow, Poland, to consider what they could do to collaborate more effectively in ministering to the people fleeing the war. full story

Life in Ukraine

Irpin bridge 3.JPG "This is the reality of our life in Ukraine today. Every numeral above is someone's life and a reason for us to thank every person, every church, and organization that remembers us and continues to pray and support our team, ministry, and nation." full story

With small acts of love

Alen Kercmar - Slovenia.jpeg Alen and Lila Kercmar, ECMers in Slovenia, share with us how they and their church have been ministering to Ukrainians. Indeed, even the small acts of love are powerful in God's hands. full story

"The worst and the best of humanity"

9.jpg "Home for three days now and people ask me, how I am doing. There is no simple answer. Such a mixture of memories, emotions and thoughts. Ultimately, I'm sitting at home; in safety. All of those people I met do not have even that. As I write, the app on my phone pings again to tell me there is another air raid warning in Lviv." full story

Tanya's Story

Ukraine When this financial burden was taken off Tanya's shoulders, she cried out of gratitude. And her expression of thankfulness is something that will stay with me forever. So, on behalf of Tanya, I would like to say, with your contribution you did something amazing. full story