Europe needs Jesus. Now more than ever.

We are planting churches across Europe that share and show the love of Jesus.

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Interest Groups.png27/09/2021 17:45 It's been a journey!... from seeing a need for connection and interaction on a peer level with common areas of interest, conceiving a possible solution, seeing if the idea will work in practice, a pre-launch in June and now finally to it all coming to fruition... THE INTEREST GROUPS ARE HERE!! full story

"That's the tremendous thing that God is doing..."

Headphones.jpg24/08/2021 13:56 'What's that?' you may ask!
Did you miss Jim Memory's interview on UCB1 this month? You can catch up with it here... full story

Europe 2021: A Missiological Report

Europe 2021.png17/08/2021 11:00 Europe 2021. What is really going on? How is Europe changing? What can we expect to see in the future?
Jim Memory's report on Europe has been called a "must-read", a "road map", a "timely and relevant tool for all Christian leaders", and much more. Read it, share it, and let it bless you and inform you. full story

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