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It is terrible to die of thirst on the sea

dying+of+thirst.pngAugust - 11 - 2022 18:21 Where in the world is the church in sharpest decline?

Where in the world is Islam the fastest growing religion?

Where in the world are nationality and religion virtually synonymous terms?

And yet where do you find scores of unreached people groups?

The need for church planting in Europe, written by Sam Boog, ECM Australia full story

Summer Day Camp for kids in Lviv, Ukraine

unnamed (56).jpgAugust - 04 - 2022 12:07 This year, the idea to do the Summer Day Camp for kids was challenging and bold at the same time. There was no broad advertisement—only a poster on the building. Only four days after it was placed, 90% of the 60 spots for the camp were filled. 80% of the children were from unchurched families. full story

News from Ukraine

unnamed (53).jpgJuly - 26 - 2022 11:56 Every time we realize that life can stop. Abruptly. Every time we hear the alarm going off, we pray fervently and thank God when it stops. We aren't to waste our time but take a chance to share God's love and the Good News of Jesus. full story

A missionary experience in Spain

Kate in SpainJuly - 22 - 2022 09:10 "God has also taught me that even when it seems like progress is slow and time sometimes feels “wasted,” He is always working, in ways that we don’t often see. He is, undoubtedly, working out His purposes and doing a work much greater than we can ever imagine." full story

The story of Evgen & Diana

Stories from UkraineJuly - 21 - 2022 11:53 Evgen & Diana, with their toddler Benjamin, come from the eastern part of Ukraine, the Donetsk region. They saw their lives disrupted as the war arrived at their doorstep. full story

The ministry of ECMers in Lviv, Ukraine

24.jpgJuly - 14 - 2022 11:44 Our field leader in Ukraine and his wife have created this video report showing and sharing with us the ministry of the ECM team and the church in Lviv, Ukraine. Don't miss it! full story

"Our children and teenagers haven’t had so much laughter and fun since we left our homes in Ukraine"

wesley-tingey-dKCKiC0BQtU-unsplash.jpgJuly - 07 - 2022 11:33 Last month we had a powerful outreach in partnership with Athletes in Action, the Ukrainian Church in Burgas, and several other local churches. Many Ukrainian mothers and grandmas came to our team after the outreach, and they had tears in their eyes, as they were trying to articulate their appreciation and gratitude. full story

Bringing hope to where it's needed the most

ronak-valobobhai-4qHWTuP_RLw-unsplash.jpgJuly - 01 - 2022 11:28 Despite all the challenges, we toured Irpin to deliver more than 1000 kg of food and hygienic products. It wasn't a comfortable trip, especially emotionally. But we all returned to Lviv, hopeful and encouraged by what we had seen, by observing the life coming back to the ruined city, ministry of our colleague workers, and partner churches. They continue to serve and bring hope to where it's needed the most. full story

Trusting God at all times

Armando in GermanyJune - 23 - 2022 10:07 "I am still learning what God has for me and for my future, but this journey has taught me that I don't have to understand God's plan and know everything, as long as I have my trust in God." full story

Christian leaders come together to help Ukrainian refugees

clay-banks-QkUvP57wi20-unsplash.jpgJune - 14 - 2022 09:25 On 21st and 22nd of May, 72 Christian leaders from 22 European countries gathered in Krakow, Poland, to consider what they could do to collaborate more effectively in ministering to the people fleeing the war. full story

Life in Ukraine

Irpin bridge 3.JPGJune - 11 - 2022 11:09 "This is the reality of our life in Ukraine today. Every numeral above is someone's life and a reason for us to thank every person, every church, and organization that remembers us and continues to pray and support our team, ministry, and nation." full story

With small acts of love

Alen Kercmar - Slovenia.jpegMay - 31 - 2022 17:35 Alen and Lila Kercmar, ECMers in Slovenia, share with us how they and their church have been ministering to Ukrainians. Indeed, even the small acts of love are powerful in God's hands. full story

"The worst and the best of humanity"

9.jpgMay - 27 - 2022 13:35 "Home for three days now and people ask me, how I am doing. There is no simple answer. Such a mixture of memories, emotions and thoughts. Ultimately, I'm sitting at home; in safety. All of those people I met do not have even that. As I write, the app on my phone pings again to tell me there is another air raid warning in Lviv." full story

Tanya's Story

UkraineMay - 24 - 2022 14:22 When this financial burden was taken off Tanya's shoulders, she cried out of gratitude. And her expression of thankfulness is something that will stay with me forever. So, on behalf of Tanya, I would like to say, with your contribution you did something amazing. full story

From Kiev to Zagrev

222.pngMay - 18 - 2022 15:23 When we moved from Kiev to Zagreb 6 years ago, we had no idea what an adventure it would be. These last months I am involved in ministry to the Ukrainian refugees. Let me share two stories… full story

A minibus for Lviv

unnamed (67).jpgMay - 01 - 2022 15:42 Back in March, our field leader in Ukraine talked to us about one of their main needs on the ground: to have a minibus to transport goods and refugees through the country and across the border. Read some of the stories the minibus has already written! full story

"There is no way we can get used to the War..."

unnamed (58).jpgApril - 26 - 2022 11:46 "It's been more than two weeks since we sent out our last update—a long time for some, a short one for us. What I was afraid of the most is to get used to this new reality..." Our field leader in Ukraine shares about the last attacks in Lviv and the effects of the war. full story

A return to Irpin

Back to IrpinApril - 22 - 2022 11:31 As you may remember, ECM has an associate in Ukraine that had to flee Irpin when the attacks on the city made it impossible to stay. We are grateful to report that S., a pastor and church planter, has been able to return to his home in Irpin. Read here what's happened upon his return. full story