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United in Prayer, discover Mahabba

mahabbaJune - 05 - 2023 6/5/23, 2:05 PM Mahabba is a prayer movement that stresses the importance of seeking God before immediately turning to action. It seeks to bring Christians from various church backgrounds together in unity to pray for and engage biblically with Muslims in their neighbourhood. full story

Camino Guesthouse in Spain

Guesthouse Project.jpgJune - 02 - 2023 6/2/23, 1:34 PM "Stand at the crossroads and look, ask for the ancient paths (Camino Antiguo), ask where the good way is and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls." Jeremiah 6:16 full story

Greenhouse Repaired!

News Stories (4).pngMay - 22 - 2023 5/22/23, 3:23 PM Thanks to contributions from several entities and individuals from Spain and Holland, we were able to repair the greenhouse, which a strong storm had damaged several years ago. Read more to meet our new team member, a man with a heart for God... and for the land! full story

Freedom in Christ: a testimony

FreedomMay - 15 - 2023 5/15/23, 11:00 AM Seminars, retreats, and leadership training on spiritual formation are at the core of Aqueduct's healing ministry in Spain, where some of our ECM workers are involved. Read the beautiful testimony of a life restored here. full story

The Irpin church: a testimony of love and service

News Stories.pngMay - 08 - 2023 5/8/23, 12:42 PM A journalist from the Guardian newspaper reports the work of the Irpin church during the work. We praise God for the good testimony of this church during the war. "Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth." (1 John 3:18) full story

Angry and Grateful

News Stories (1).pngMarch - 15 - 2023 3/15/23, 10:04 AM Viktoria in Ukraine on 12 Months of War. "God can handle all my emotions", says Viktoria Haviley, who reveals the personal and public impact of continued conflict. Listen to her interview or read the highlights here. full story

Living through the war

News Stories.pngMarch - 13 - 2023 3/13/23, 9:37 PM "There is no sense in asking about the reasons for the war or doubting the goodness and justness of God as we can see and testify to God's love and faithfulness every day, despite the curfews and air raid sirens going off almost every day in the safer places like where we live, and nearly all day long in the eastern parts of Ukraine." full story

Let's walk!

News Stories (2).pngMarch - 07 - 2023 3/7/23, 10:07 AM The creation proclaims the glory of God... Discover the ministry of one of our ECM missionaries in Youngstars, using one of the region's favourite activities, hiking. full story

They were living in a 15m2 hut...

News Stories.pngFebruary - 24 - 2023 2/24/23, 11:34 AM Artur and his family were miraculously saved when a missile fell into the basement they were taking refuge in, but did not explode. However, the next one brought their house to ruins. They had to spend many cold months living in a 15m2 hut, but thanks to God and to your donations, they have a house now. full story

The war has torn down many houses, we are building them up.

News Stories.pngFebruary - 02 - 2023 2/2/23, 5:57 PM Watch this beautiful video that shows David James' visit to the housing project. Thousands have lost their home in the war, and many of them are Christians in need. Now, we are building houses for them in partnership with the Irpin church. Hear their stories! full story

Visiting the work in Ukraine

News Stories.pngJanuary - 09 - 2023 1/9/23, 11:30 AM "It is just incredible what the church is doing here [in Ukraine], how much they are doing every single day, and it is making a real difference. People are coming, they are interested in the Word of God, and people are responding to God’s love." full story

Iryna’s Christmas Party for Her Community in Western Ukraine

News Stories (1).pngJanuary - 02 - 2023 1/2/23, 1:49 PM The Australian radio ministry Hope 103.2 interviewed Iryna, one of our Ukrainian ECMers, who shared what Christmas looks like for a Christian worker serving in a country in war. She invites us to witness what life's like in Lviv and how Christmas this year still will be a celebration of joy and hope. full story

A New Hope for Ukraine

News Stories.pngDecember - 22 - 2022 12/22/22, 10:48 AM "Behind the plundered lands and shops, ruined homes, schools, and hospitals are the lives of people who lost so much. But not hope. We are ready to help with everything we can to keep that hope alive.
I know we are not alone because each of you is praying, supporting, and caring. I know we are not alone because of Emanuel – God is with us." full story

Volunteer Centres: showing Christ's love

News Stories (2).pngDecember - 09 - 2022 12/9/22, 5:04 PM Our partners in Ukraine have set up volunteer centres in six towns. There, people can go to receive food, clothes, prayer and the Good News of Jesus. Can you help us help them? full story

Houses for Ukraine

News Stories (3).pngDecember - 01 - 2022 12/1/22, 3:12 PM The battle of Irpin killed over 300 people, and thousands saw how their home, with everything in it, turned to ruins under the bombs. Now, we're helping them build new ones. full story

From football... to Christ

News Stories (2).pngNovember - 23 - 2022 11/23/22, 3:16 PM As the football world cup goes on this month, here is a story about how football can open doors for the gospel in Andalusia, Spain. full story

Short Term Gain

jeshoots-com-mSESwdMZr-A-unsplash.jpgNovember - 15 - 2022 11/15/22, 1:20 PM How does short-term missions impact those who go as well as those who receive them? full story

Caring for Ukrainians in Croatia

News Stories.pngNovember - 11 - 2022 11/11/22, 12:53 PM That week, I found myseld practising very much the virtue of listening. I wish you could listen the heartbreaking stories of Ukrainian refugees and, at the same time, the wonderful testimonies of God’s love, protection and provision. full story