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Croatia.jpgTuesday 19 December 2023 10:15

What does it mean for Stephen and Tabita Bell to connect with the people around them in Croatia and in...Brazil?

The challenge of church planting and evangelism in Croatia can sometimes feel quite daunting. So much so that, after ten years there, I knew that I needed help.

A lightbulb moment came when a senior ECM leader asked me, “Could you use 12 Brazilians?” My mind started buzzing. This was a great challenge — something quite out of the ordinary.

At first, I felt intimidated because I realised that I would have to travel to Brazil to meet with important pastors and denominational leaders in order to mobilise missionaries for Croatia. “Who am I?” I thought. “How am I worthy for such a task?”

Also, I thought I’d better have a ‘Plan B’ in case Brazilians didn’t come. I decided to also travel to Ukraine and mobilise there. Brazil and Ukraine were both nations well acquainted with the “Revival” and “Faith” that I was convinced Croatia needed.

As part of this I realised I needed to also visit Croatian churches in search of ‘vision-minded’ church leaders who could effectively use these dynamic new missionaries when they came.

Has it worked? Yes! Some 20 missionaries have now come from Brazil and Ukraine. There have been new churches planted, new ministries begun, and new converts made. The current leader of ECM’s work in Croatia even came as part of this initiative.

But God has also sent us workers “by surprise”. This January a pastor from India came seeking work, due to his father’s business collapsing. He is now organising Croatian lessons and a gospel service for immigrants. God certainly does move as we seek to connect with His Global Church!

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