Mum & Baby Club in Spain

News Stories.pngMonday 03 July 2023 14:02

"The Mum & Baby Club was born out of a desire to support mothers of the church, to offer community to mothers of the town, and to have the church opened and available to more people."

An ECM missionary in Spain, and a mother herself, has developed a beautiful ministry reaching out to mothers and families in their town, and they are seeing God at work through this ministry. Read her story below!
"I have seen God working in the last 2 years through the Mum & Baby Club. We provide a room of good quality toys, a reading area, and an area for babies. We create something together or do some sensory play. And we eat and drink coffee!
Through these simple 2 hours we aim to create a space for mothers to relax in, and create opportunities for connection both with their child and with other mothers. One of our real hopes was that mothers who come to the food and clothing bank would feel welcomed there too, knowing that these mothers are often most in need of community, coming from other countries or poorer backgrounds. We have seen God answer prayer in the last few months as 3 mothers have come through this connection.
Oftentimes the ministry feels like a lot of work for only a few mothers to turn up, but we praise God that He is over it all, and He is working. We only have to keep praying & turning up." 🧡🙌🏻

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