Visiting the work in Ukraine

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"It is just incredible what the church is doing here [in Ukraine], how much they are doing every single day, and it is making a real difference. People are coming, they are interested in the Word of God, and people are responding to God’s love."

Just before Christmas, David James, ECM's Director of Operations, visited once again our team in Ukraine and travelled to see the relief projects we are funding in the country. It was an emotional visit in which David as well as our Ukrainian workers were encouraged, comforted, and blessed. 

"In December I travelled to Ukraine, firstly to Lviv and from there driving 6 hours with Roman to return to Irpin. It was humbling and inspiring to meet the teams at the volunteer centres that are being funded by you, our generous supporters. It was also challenging to hear the stories of those we serve, people who have lost much and are suffering greatly. ECM worker Stanislav and those he works with in the Irpin Bible Church are being used in amazing ways to share the love of God in a desperate situation. The church in and around Irpin is growing." (David James)

Seeing the ongoing projects benefiting so many people was powerful. We are blessed to be able to partner with Ukraine in this conflict and serve them as much as we can. This is possible thanks to your prayers and donations, and we are extremely grateful, even more after seeing the fruits of the projects in action. 

Winter is cold and difficult in Ukraine and, especially in Irpin and the surrounding towns where the war hit hard, the needs for housing, food, clothes, electricity, and especially the Good News of Jesus, are great. Our partners there, the Irpin Bible Church, are tirelessly working to serve the hundreds of people that come every day to the six Volunteer Centres they have set up. 

Watch this video recorded by the Bible Irpin Church during David's visit and be encouraged to see how your generosity is helping many people in need. This is the first of three reflections produced by the Bible Irpin Church about the relief projects. It focuses on the Volunteer Centres and the daily distribution of food and fresh bread. We will share the next videos with you as well.

*Warning: the video contains graphic images

You can donate to help these projects continue here.


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