With small acts of love

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Alen and Lila Kercmar, ECMers in Slovenia, share with us how they and their church have been ministering to Ukrainians. Indeed, even the small acts of love are powerful in God's hands.

"The Lutheran church in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, where we are part of the leadership team, responded to the Ukrainian crisis in a number of different ways. The children in Sunday school collected clothes and toys for children and attached encouraging notes to them. The church as a whole gathered food products, clothes for adults and hygiene items. 

Our church also organised a charity concert played by our worship band. Our minister (who is also a bishop of Slovenian Lutheran church) and ECMer Alen Kercmar both gave a short message on the importance of the cross and the resurrection. The place was packed with over 300 people from different walks of life and social contexts. The concert left a big impact on a local community.

The funds raised are being used for the integration of Ukrainian families in our region. Around 50 Ukrainian families came to the church service, with special workshops and Sunday school for children. The rest of the day we went for a trip with lots of fun activities for the families. With these small acts of love we want our Ukrainian friends to feel welcome in our midst, even though the ideal for them would be to return to their home land.

In the following months we hope to have summer camps with the Ukrainian children to encourage them and show them the love of the Lord in practice."

Alen Kercmar - Slovenia

Alen Kercmar - Slovenia

Alen Kercmar - Slovenia

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