14 days of helping refugees

312241005_1148773039077098_418881889903673964_n.jpgTuesday 18 October 2022 12:04

Our partner HowWillTheyHear is in the middle of its 14 days of prayer for refugees in Europe and beyond. Here is Day 5.

The refugees who are living in Greece, are in a very hostile environment. It’s very hard to integrate and build a new life or feel safe. Many are not able to access public services. People feel marginalized and helpless. Lots of them are looking for ways out of Greece, legally or not.
What do these people need on the first step? Hope and family! This is what we stand to offer through the good news of Jesus Christ!
- Pray for our church planting ministry. We empower the refugees that became believers in Greece and are now in other European countries to help them plant churches in their new homes.
- Pray for the new doors that the Lord is opening for us to minister via internet, among the friends and family – still living in the Middle East – of the refugee believers in Europe.
Learn more about Humanitarian Initiative Bridges at bridges.org.gr.
Learn more about refugee ministries across Europe and how you can be involved at howwilltheyhear.net.

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