How to reach your neighbour

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Krista and Jesse are ECM workers on Gotland, Sweden, and describe how God used the Alpha course in a couple's life.

“We had the honour of welcoming one of our neighbours into Christ’s family. Goran and his wife Annika (names changed) attended the Alpha Course a while back. They kept their questions and comments entirely to themselves whenever we met. I don’t think Annika ever uttered a word in any of the meetings. Even during the much-prayed-for weekend retreat they were seemingly unresponsive.

“Recording one of Jesus’ parables, Mark wrote that God’s kingdom is like seed thrown on a field by a man who then goes to bed and forgets about it. That’s kind of what happened to Goran and Annika. They attended the course and then went their own way, somewhat forgotten.

“But the parable continues: The seed sprouts and grows, and he (the farmer) has no idea how it happens. The earth does it all without his help.

“And that’s kind of what happened here, too. Over the subsequent months, Goran began to feel the nearness, conviction, and friendship of God in his life. So, in response, with sweaty hands and a racing pulse, he logged into his Facebook account, navigated to the info tab, and indicated that he was indeed “Christian”. Then he sat back in his chair and waited for the proverbial fireworks. But, “All men shall know thou art mine disciple by thine Facebook status” is not exactly what Jesus said. So, months later, Goran realised his newfound love needed a proper context. That’s when Goran called me out-of-the blue and asked if I would be willing to baptise him and welcome him into the church as a new member!

“Praise God that he is always working, even if we have forgotten the seed.”

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