Confined but connecting

Peter and Kate.jpgmartes 27 abril 2021 12:00

Pete and Kate Knowlson are ECM workers in Spain and describe how they are managing to stay in touch and connected with church, friends and family.

"The internet is almost the only way to meet with people these days and it has broken down the barriers of distance.

"Our church draws people from five towns yet only Peter has to travel in order to run a Zoom meeting for older members who can’t manage the technology.

"The weekly Bible study connects our members with a Columbian family who visited last year.

"We connect for prayer with supporters in their own homes."

Kate leads two women in studies in another town and is equipping one to lead a Bible group when she moves house with her husband.

"WhatsApp groups are the seedbed of our evangelism."

Peter hopes to multiply expository preachers amongst the students at a denominational training institution. He teaches them how to prepare, present and evaluate their messages to improve the application of their sermons amongst believers in the churches where they will serve the Lord.

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