• What's the Story? Ireland

    What's the Story

    What’s the Story? is an Irish nationwide evangelistic initiative which seeks to unite and equip the church in Ireland to share God’s story and answer Ireland’s big questions. Our project seeks to raise money towards the printing of Irish written resources to equip churches to answer these questions.

    We are aiming for at least €3000. Could you be part of this story?

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  • Mahabba Belgium


    Mahabba Belgium motivates and mobilises everyday Christians in Belgium to love and pray for their Muslim neighbours. Mahabba facilitates the effective witness of Belgian’s Christians to the many Muslims who have made Belgium their home. Join us and contribute towards setting up Mahabba prayer groups in Belgium.

    The startup cost for this project is €880.

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  • Decisión - Evangelism in Spain


    Decisión (the Billy Graham Foundation in Spain) is keen to send an evangelistic team to help in the church planting process in Villanueva de Córdoba where we already hold a regular Bible study. We will be running English lessons, radio programs, therapy for people with addictions and meetings for couples to develop healthy marriages.

    We are looking to raise €2,000 towards this project. Would you like to support us?

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  • Greek Bible College Internet Overhaul

    Greek Bible College.jpg

    Due to the pandemic, educational institutions in Greece now have to offer remote learning, making all students and faculty totally reliant on internet access. The Greek Bible College in Pikermi, a respected and renowned Christian College, is no exception to this. The problem that arises however is that the infrastructure in place is very old, misconfigured and badly designed.

    ECMer George Christoforides says, “Having studied there between 2013 and 2014, I have since had the vision of designing their network from the ground up, from Wi-Fi access points to wiring and structured cabling. We now have to move ahead with this installation, but funds have only allowed us to upgrade about 1/4th of the network.”

    Would you join with us to raise the €5,450 still needed to connect students and faculty in this institution?

  • Zondervan NT Commentary Translation


    One of the needs our workers in Romania identified was the need for theological and Bible study materials in Romanian language for pastors, seminary students and those involved in ministry in the country. They have since worked to meet that need and so this 10-year project was born,  to make the whole 20 volume NT commentary series available in Romanian.

    Tavi Verlan and his team have already succeeded in translating, publishing and printing several volumes, and Tavi shared recently: 'In terms of publishing, our best year so far. The feedback is awesome'.

    This worthy project started in 2017 with funding from a UK Trust, but it now needs €4300 ($5000 USD) to expand capacity by engaging an extra translator and desktop publisher designer. Let's help this excellent initiative advance to completion.

  • Patchwork Apartment in Schwerin

    Patchwork Centre, Schwerin

    The Patchwork Centre is an evangelistic community center with café, workshop, second hand, music, etc, located in one of the most atheist regions in the world: East-Germany. We love our intensive, dynamic and colourful community, in which everyone gets the chance to discover Jesus. 

    One of our goals is to offer our ministry and experience to interns who take their first steps in the missions field, and we are in need of additional funding with regard to the housing situation! We want to rent an apartment where the interns can stay during their internship. When we do not have interns for some time, we can use the apartment as an emergency house with which to serve our community.

    We're praying for €500/month during one year, a total of €6000, to rent a 3-room apartment big enough to host up to 4 people. 

  • A church for Dugo Selo

    Dugo Selo - Croatia

    The Baptist church of Dugo Selo, Croatia, is the first evangelical church in the city of 25,000 inhabitants. It was planted in 2014. Even though it is small, this church has a great influence in the community, we are doing evangelistic activities in the region, and the city is soon accepting us.

    We need your help to pay the rent for the next 3 years. In the first year we need €200/month, the second year €130/month and then €70/month for the third year.

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  • Lausanne in Croatia


    This project, an initiative of the Lausanne movement, has brought all the evangelical communities in Croatia together to create a large joint plan of inter-denominational evangelism across Croatia over the next 5 years, and to share experiences and successful strategies that can be multiplied. 

    The project costs are: €4900.

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  • Accelerating Church Planting


    By giving to Accelerating Church Planting you can help ECM develop National Church Planting Platforms and accelerate the multiplication of new churches. The long-term impact will be a substantial increase in the number of disciples and Churches all across Europe.

    The total we hope to raise through ECM is: €10,000 each year

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