Peter & Anna Crawford

Judith, Sharon, Colin

We long to see new and younger leaders trained and mentored through God’s grace, here in Portugal, and elsewhere across Europe to give wise leadership for the church in the 21st century

Peter and Anna have been involved in church planting in city of Lisbon since 2007. Besides helping in the development of a church planting network for the city Lisbon, they have been involved in starting new churches in Park of the Nations, in Alta de Lisboa, and also in the city centre, where they are currently involved in a new initiative in the Bairro Alto district, and in helping with the development of immigrant churches.

Besides this, Peter, as Field Ministries Coordinator, is responsible in team leadership for ECM Portugal and, as a member of the International Leadership Team, in providing leadership for the Field Ministries Team across Europe. Anna is involved in personal mentoring and counselling, both within Portugal and as ECM’s Membercare Coordinator.

The current economic crisis in Portugal, has left people bewildered and without hope. It is a moment point in the history of this country, in which the message of the Gospel has a particular relevance.

Field Leader / Missionary / Member of International Leadership Team
Country of origin

With ECM since 2002