Jim & Christine Memory

Jim says 'Europe is perhaps the greatest mission challenge in today's world. At the same time Europe faces economic, political, social, environmental and religious crises which mean that people are potentially more open to the gospel than for many decades. But this challenging scenario requires fresh reflection on the realities of Europe and how the eternal gospel can be proclaimed most effectively. My combination of roles enables me to make a contribution not only within ECM but also more broadly both in Spain and across Europe. I am excited about the prospect of bringing a new perspective on strategic leadership within ECM, but also about preparing a new generation of reflective practitioners of European Mission through my teaching at Redcliffe. And at the same time, I am still able to contribute out in Spain by facilitating collaborative approaches to church planting across the denominations in the province of Córdoba”. Christine says “I have really enjoyed my role working with the volunteers at Redcliffe but I am also very much looking forward to the new challenge of supporting the wider work of ECMI.'

Jim is the Vision and Strategy Group Leader for the field ministries of ECMI in Europe and is a member of the International Leadership Team of ECM International. He is also Co-ordinator of a collaborative church planting project with the Fraternity of Evangelical Pastors in Córdoba, Spain and is the Course Leader and principal lecturer of the MA in European Mission and Intercultural Christianity at Redcliffe College, Gloucester.

Christine is helping with the Administrative Support of ECMI and was a key member of the organising team for ECM's successful 2014 Biennial conference in Croatia.

ECMI Administrative Support (Christine), Vision and Strategy Group Leader ECMI & Church-planting Project Coordinator in Spain (Jim)
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