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STM Stories. Leah in Ireland 2022

Leah Houston has spent four weeks serving in Ferrybank, Waterford, Ireland. This missionary experience has helped her grow in her understanding of the Church, missions, and God. read here how she shares her experience serving with ECM in Europe.

My name is Leah, and as part of my theology degree at Belfast Bible College, I completed a four-week placement in Ferrybank, Waterford, with Colin and Ally.

During my month's stay I was able to experience what living for Jesus looks like in a different culture, learn how to relate to people in an approach that is perhaps slightly different to what I am used to, and just overall experience Church in such a loving, welcoming and open environment.

ECM and all the lovely people who work in it made it an extremely easy process, so for anyone thinking of serving on mission, I would highly recommend you consider doing so with the ECM team. Not only are they incredibly helpful with all the admin, Zoom calls and training, but they also value you as a person and what you bring as a follower of Christ, so much so, that you feel like you have gained a new family!

My time in Waterford, Ireland was incredible, a true life changing experience, and has definitely, alongside the help of the Holy Spirit, planted a seed in my heart for Ireland!

Leah Houston Leah Houston, Short-termer with ECM in Ireland

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