Dominik de Bruijne

"I want to show something of God's great love"

To complete his studies of theology Dominik de Bruijne will join the Patchwork Center in Schwerin, a mission project of ECM Netherlands. "I do not only want to gain experience in Schwerin, I also want to use the talents God gave me", Dominik says.

Dominik hopes to move to Schwerin in April. He will intern at the Patchwork Center for half a year. Follow Dominik in his preparations by subscribing to his newsletter (see the button on this page). Do you want to support Dominik's internship financially? Donate by using the button on this page.

The Patchwork Center is a community centre in the 'Dreesch', a deprived area in the East German city of Schwerin. ECM started working here in 2009. It is an area where unemployment, poverty and social problems are troubling many people. Together with people from the Dreesch a team of missionaries converted a former postal office into a community centre with a café, workshops and a 'boutique' for the sale of second-hand clothes. The ECM team sees many opportunities for this project to bring positive and lasting change in their local area and to bring people closer to the Gospel.

Country of origin
The Netherlands