Peter Wierenga

"Loving communities of people who follow Jesus with words and deeds: that is what ECM believes in. I am happy that I can help supporting all missionaries and churches involved with this mission."

Peter Wierenga is director of ECM Netherlands. He started his work at ECM in October 2021. He can lean on many years of experience with church pioneering and planting in the Netherlands and Europe.

Before joining ECM Peter worked as an advisor and coach for many different churches. With his own organisation 'Bureau Kerkwerk', founded in 2012, he gave advise on outreach, church planting, integral mission and many other themes. Peter is working for City to City Europe as a trainer and coach, something he will keep on doing in combination with his work for ECM. 

In the past Peter worked in education for ten years, meanwhile continuing his own schooling in missiology, training and coaching. After an educational ministry in the Philippines Peter had several (managing) jobs with churches in the Netherlands. He also played a role as an advisor and trainer for mission and church planting. In 2020 Peter wrote, together with Remmelt Meijer, a book on the future of Christian communities (Herkerken - de toekomst van geloofsgemeenschappen). The book has been reprinted four times since then. 

Peter is married with Marijke. They have four children and ten grand children.

Director ECM Netherlands
Country of origin
The Netherlands

With ECM since 2021