Susanne Stoehr

I suffer seeing people struggling in everyday life, especially women, most of whom are working and trying to do their best by trying to care for the house and family in a perfect way. They don't care for Jesus. People around me long for better working conditions, more time for their families, and a better life.

Susanne Stoehr has been living in Macherio since 1997. She had been collaborating with the radio ministy of CRC for the first 6 years and was encouraging the church planting team in the area, which is now no longer part of ECM ministry.

Since 2005 she uses her artistic gifts, being part of an artist group of the area and trying to communicate the Gospel among the other artists, and through expositions. She has had a painting studio for 4 years, and tries to evangelize by using the contacts that God gives her in everyday life.

Cross Cultural Worker in Italy
Country of origin

With ECM since 1997