Mark & Gina Borg

Malta has a pride in her rich traditional heritage, especially as Paul's Acts 28 shipwreck location! Contrasts between contemporary European life & cultural religious identity mean there’s an ease about God conversations and a desperate need to biblically define what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Mark, Gina and their kids are working together to strengthen local believers. Based in a local church alongside Maltese brothers & sisters co-labouring to lead their communities to Christ. The indigenous evangelical movement is still in its first generation and less than a percent of the population. The Borgs are serving locally in leadership with music, discipleship & new believers. Mark uses his Elvis tribute show to share his testimony, he also preaches and sings in Maltese. God has used the family in community building & outreach especially through the kids with youth & through Alpha Course. They desire to see more Maltese & Europeans worshipping God for eternity.

Country of origin

With ECM since 2016.