Günther & Mallory Fugger

We want to see the people of Austria, from the old Viennese to the recent immigrant, know the true Jesus.

As an Austrian, Günther wants to invest back into his own people. As an immigrant, Mallory can relate to the newcomers trying to make Vienna home.

Günther and Mallory are a part of Grace Church International in Vienna. Günther serves as pastor part time while studying to get his degree in theology. His primary ministry is preaching on Sunday mornings, but serves in many other ways throughout the week. He desires people in the church to grow deeper in the Word and be stronger disciples of Christ. But heavy on his heart are those who have yet to hear of Jesus and those who have a harder time connecting with the rest of the church. He takes time for those who might need extra care, either spiritual or practical, during the week.

Mallory spends most of her time taking care of their son Liam, but is passionate about building bridges between the LGBTQ+ community and the Church, as well as making churches safe and life giving for gender and sexual minorities. She enjoys engaging in related conversations when they arise and helping others approach situations with compassion, truth and love. She also spends a lot of time drinking coffee with younger women.

Missionaries in Vienna, Austria
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