Kevin Guttman

"Our goal [as a board] is to find leaders who are 'elder quality' based on the Scriptures in 1 Timothy and Titus. We look for the fruit of the Spirit, character, maturity, Godliness, and can they work well in a group or team setting, etc."

Kevin Guttman is a mortgage banker and the Chair for EMCI-USA's Board of Directors. For 12 years he traveled the world mobilizing the church to partner together to share the Gospel. Get a glimpse into Kevin's heart for missions from this recent interview.

Q: Welcome Kevin, tell us a bit about yourself.

A: Sure, thank you. I became a Christian at age 17, went on my first missions trip at 23 and was ordained at age 29. I’ve been married 30 years to Sabrena, and we have 5 children ages 19-27 and one grandchild. Professionally, I help people finance the American dream of home ownership. My hobbies include travel, reading, playing tennis and watching sports. In my spare time, I officiate high school sports and volunteer with Junior Achievement. I am also a member of the Rotary.

Q: How did you become interested in missions?

A: I took some missions trips during college. Then after graduate school, I worked with a mission to raise funds for people in poor, underserved parts of the world to have clean water, medical clinics, schools and leadership centers (which were really churches). The end goal was to begin new churches led by local leaders. During that time, I was able to travel and visit many countries and meet some amazing third world Christian leaders.

Q: How did you learn about ECMI?

A: Through George Brown. George was in a men’s group that I lead and he began sharing about ECMI. I had been praying about using the education, network and gifting for missions, as I had been working in the business world for many years and missed my connection to missions. Long story short, I sat in on some monthly prayer calls, visited a board meeting, completed the application and interview process and was invited to sit on the board. A year later, the board chair asked me to lead a key committee; two years later, I was elected the Board Chairman for the U.S. Section.

Q: What does the US Board do?

A: The board insures that the US Mobilization Section of ECMI does its part in helping fulfill the vision and mission of ECMI - that of seeing the peoples of Europe transformed in the name of Christ, and establishing and developing reproducing churches which evangelize and disciple the peoples of Europe. In addition, the board sets and monitors strategic priorities, and provides fiduciary oversight for the US Section. Board members also have opportunity to volunteer in a variety of capacities.

Q: What type of people and characteristics do you look for in new board members?

A: We seek a variety of people from different backgrounds, experiences, skill sets, age groups, etc. Our goal is to find leaders who are 'elder quality' based on the Scriptures in 1 Timothy and Titus. We look for the fruit of the Spirit, character, maturity, godliness, who work well in a group or team setting.

Q: Are you currently seeking new board members?

A: We are always praying and asking the Lord to send us His people to serve as missionaries, staff, and yes, board members.

Q: Kevin, thanks for sharing your story with us and for serving the mission as the Board Chairman.

A: My pleasure, thank you.


ECMI-USA Board Member - Chair
Country of origin
United States

With ECM since 2013