Alex & Liz Preotesea-Wagner

Caleb, Luca

Alex and Liz, with their children Caleb (6) and Luca (2), completed a year at Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies in 2023, and then returned to Cernavodǎ, Romania in March 2024. They have a vision to guide young people away from human trafficking and see Jesus transform lives.

Liz, from New Zealand  and Alex, a Romanian, have previously served together in Cernavodǎ for 2 years. They still are closely connected to the local church in Cernavodǎ and have connections with Nightingales Children’s Charity, both of whom are also involved in the work of preventing trafficking in this area, where many young people are at risk of being trapped in this industry.

With Alex’s passion and training in furniture making, they plan to set up a woodworking workshop as a social enterprise, providing jobs and opportunities to speak into the lives of young people. Their desire is to disciple young men and help them find meaningful employment in a positive environment to avoid seeing human trafficking as a lucrative opportunity. 

Additionally, Liz is passionate about establishing support networks for mothers and babies, helping with breast-feeding and creating a supportive environment for mothers. She is training towards becoming a Lactation Consultant. 

Liz and Alex still need more churches and individuals to partner with them as they work towards this vision of seeing young people freed from the oppression of human trafficking, and therefore bringing transformation to the local communities.

Would you prayerfully consider financially supporting Liz and Alex as they seek to serve God in the Cernavodǎ community?

Missionaries in Romania
Country of origin
Romania (Alex), New Zealand (Liz)

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