Gerard & Janneke de Wit

Lisa, Aron, Lars, Lotte

We desire to share God's love through our lives in an area where God is a great unknown.

We are Gerard, Janneke, Lisa, Aron, Lars and Lotte de Wit. We moved to Schwerin in North East Germany in February 2018. After getting orientated, we moved to a poor neighbourhood, named Lankow, in October 2019. There is a lot of poverty, loneliness and hopelessness in this area. The church has almost no meaning for the people of Lankow and the Gospel is mostly unknown. Moved by God's love for these people, God's mission for His church and the amazing message of hope that we may bring, we long to see people come to Jesus. We want to develop an Christian community in Lankow.

Together with our sending organisations GZB (Reformed Missions Organisation), ECM and the Free Evangelical Church of North Germany, we look for ways to bring people together and to bring the Gospel in a way the people of Lankow understand, close to their culture, not only with words, but also with deeds. We also take part in social initiatives that are already taking place in Lankow, to get to know our neigbours better and the share our lives with them.

Missionaries in Germany
Country of origin
The Netherlands

With ECM since 2017