Carla Maria Sestak

" Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation " ( II Cor 6.2b ) Understanding the temporariness of life and the imminent return of Christ makes us act urgently and we depend on the God we serve to not lose any.

The region of Eastern Europe is one of the regions of Europe that loudly cries its need for workers. Croatia has 4.5 million inhabitants and only 0.22% of evangelicals (10 thousand people) with few committed but overworked pastors.

It is a vast field ready to harvest. The church is small and there is a need of revival. In the city of VaraĹždin already there are two Christian centers with about 20 people being discipled and hundreds of people listening to the Gospel through the events.

The goal is to create new centers for Christians in every part of the country, a place where people can converge and from which one can act for the proclamation of the Gospel of God. Based on prayer, Carla seeks to develop relationships and use various tools for evangelism, such as concerts, theater, social action, Bible studies, sports and leisure activities. Her task is to support local pastors in opening new fields and building of the same from a teamwork.

The movement of God on Croatia is unquestionable!

Missionary in Croatia
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With ECM since 2012