Akos Bukovszky


Dr. Ákos Bukovszky is a member of the National Leadership Team of the Baptist Union of Hungary responsible for the foreign affairs of the union. He is also manager of the foreign affairs of the Hungarian Baptist Theological Academy. He serves, furthermore, as trustee on the board of a number of Christian organisations such as “Word of Life Hungary”, “Harmat” (Hungarian Evangelical Publishing House), Jews for Jesus Hungary and also as a member of the Supervisory Board of MEKDSZ (Fellowship of Hungarian Evangelical Students). He has been a Trustee of ECMI since 2010.

Dr. Bukovszky is a chemist by training and spend the bulk of his professional life in the pharmaceutical industry in Hungary working mainly on the commercial (and to some extent also the legal) side of the business. He has retired from his last full time job as Finance Director of Hungarian Baptist Aid in 2007.

Dr. Bukovszky is married with three children and 2 grandchildren. He lives in Hungary just outside of Budapest.

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With ECM since 2010