André en Gerry Strobos

Prayer is an unequivocal power source, from which we draw far too little.

André Strobos has been around since the '70s involved in the prayer work for ECM. For several years André has been responsible for writing newsletters about what God is doing in Slovenia and Spain and for maintaining contacts with the missionaries there. In August 2010, André retired, having worked in education after nearly 40 years. Since his retirement, he is still actively involved in missionary work in Slovenia from his home country, the Netherlands. He undertakes regular 'mission trips' to the country, for support and encouragement.  From 2021 on André took up the heavy task of digitizing the archive of ECM Netherlands. André is remarried in 2006 and his wife Gerry and he have four adult children and two grandchildren.

Country of origin

With ECM since 2008