Jose Lemuel & Rachel Feliciano

In a part of Spain where people are generally very open spiritually (to the good and the bad), we seek to share Jesus.

Lemuel and Rachel Feliciano are seconded to a national church in Lugo, north Spain. Lemuel works as a youth pastor, overseeing the work of the three teenager and young adult groups.  He focusses mainly on discipleship, mentoring, and on training young leaders. He leads Bible study groups, youth group meetings, and organises Summer camps. As he trains up others in leading the teenagers, his ultimate goal is to work himself out of a job!

Rachel supports Lemuel with some of the teenage and young adult work, particularly with the girls. However, her main focus is within the community. Currently, she’s collaborating with some youth centres, where she teaches English as a foreign language and runs dramatherapy groups for young offenders and teenagers in foster care. She also volunteers as president at her local MS Association.

Lemuel and Rachel also support some of the church mission points from time to time, usually through preaching. They enjoy leading volunteer teams in an Agape-run pilgrim hostel a couple of times a year, supporting volunteer teams some mornings as needed, and are part of a team that helps to do inductions and debriefs with the weekly volunteer teams.

Missionaries in Spain
Country of origin
England (Rachel) and Puerto Rico/USA (Lemuel)

With ECM since 2005