Rod & Abby Bishop

with Kayla, Zac & Jayden

“…so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the LORD is God and that there is no other.” (1 Kings 8:60)

We serve in the ECM Australia office, as part of the home team that sends and supports those God raises up as missionaries for the frontline work in Europe.

Rod, as Business Manager, oversees all office functions, including finance, administration, information technology, property management and compliance.

Abby, working in Communications, supports the engagement of Christians and churches in Christ's mission in Europe.

Rod and Abby have been an incredible blessing to us this year as we prepare to serve as ECM missionaries in Portugal. Abby has so diligently taken care of communications and media for us- creating our prayer card, and various brochures and publications that we send to our supporters to help them connect with and pray for God’s work in Portugal. Rod has taken care of the little and big financial details, and does so much administration that requires attention-to-detail and is extremely important in ensuring we are sufficiently supported to live and minister in Portugal. We love these guys and they make our lives so much easier as they perform these important behind-the-scenes tasks so we don’t have to, which frees us up to have more capacity to dedicate towards gospel work in Portugal. We praise God for Abby and Rod, and how they are using the gifts God has given them to serve Christ’s mission in Europe.
- Sam & Emily, serving with ECM in Portugal

Business Manager (Rod); Media & Publications (Abby) in ECM Australia
Country of origin

With ECM since 2020