Peter & Silje Lilly

Creative, organic and relational missions in the rural South of France.

We are missionaries based in Saint-Nazaire-de-Pézan, a tiny village of around 600 people, not far from Montpellier, the bustling city where Silje grew up. After ministering in Montpellier and its surroundings for almost eight years, God clearly led us to this rural setting in June of 2023. Like most of rural France, there is a Catholic background, a largely atheistic population, and no evangelical churches in the surrounding villages.

We are passionate about seeing the presence of Christ transform and challenge culture, and the love of Christ heal and give purpose to people’s lives. Our mission is creative and organic because life, growth and creativity come from the creator God! We are relational because mission, church and discipleship are all about God calling us all into a deeper relationship with Him and each other. We want everything we do to embody this.

Since we arrived here, God has been providing many opportunities to get our hands dirty in a community allotment, to input into growth and development in the village school, and to creatively have fun through art, music, board games, meals and family life. He has called us here to bring the presence of Christ to this place by being Christlike in all of these contexts.

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