Wilfred & Marisa Kampjes

Our wish is that Spanish people will get to know God in a different way. Not as the God of the ‘church’, but as the God who has created people and who wants a real relationship with them.

Wilfred and Mariska (known in Spain as Guillermo and Marisa) moved to Cordoba in 2003 where they studied Spanish language and culture. In 2004 they began ministry in Villa del Rio (southern Spain), where they worked at El Buen Samaritano, a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts in Pozoblanco.

In June 2007 they moved to Onda, a town in the province of Castellón, where they have been working with a recently planted protestant evangelical church. The church became officially registered in 2008.

Wilfred and Mariska are involved in various activities. They give teaching to the youth and coach and train people in youth work and music. They also help the church in developing new evangelism projects. They also led a house group in L'Alcora (a small town near Onda) where the Whitaker family lives now, which it is hoped will become a new church.

In addition to this they began an assisted living project in 2008 for ex-drug addicts, ex-prisoners and young people in conflict situations. The project offers people a Christian environment from which they can make a new start.

Now, Guillermo and Marisa have moved to Benicarló (north of the Castellón province) and run the assisted living project, help with the Impact Team (from Liebenzeller Mision, Germany) and are part of the growing and maturing church there.

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