Wilfred (Guillermo) & Marisa Kampjes

Our wish is reconciliation between God and people.

Wilfred / Guillermo and Marisa have lived and worked in Spain since 2003. Our motivation is the desire that more and more people reconcile with God and that we can grow together in our love for Him and for our neighbor.

Wilfred works part-time for the "El Buen Samaritano" Foundation (The Good Samaritan). In addition, also part-time, for the organization M-4 as a coach and in coordinating the coaches within Spain.

They are members of the young church “Bona Nova” in Onda and support the mission in the nearby l´Alcora “Comunidad Cristiana En El Camino”. Since 2008 they have been foster family for short-term foster care, specialized foster care and crisis care.

Cross Cultural Workers in Spain
Country of origin
The Netherlands

With ECM since 2002