Kent Anderson

I hate visiting beautiful European churches and finding them empty. I want to see a Europe full of churches, full of people, full of Jesus.

"Several years ago I was in central Maastricht in the Netherlands. On one side of the main square stood a beautiful old church. While I watched almost no one went inside, although a few people were eating on its steps. On the far side of the square was another church building, but it was busy with people coming and going. Intrigued I went over to see what made such a difference. Inside the church building had lost none of its grandeur, but it had lost its sacred nature. It was now a popular bookstore crammed full of all the latest literature. All across the Netherlands empty church buildings have been converted into everything from stores to mosques. 

“I am part of ECM because I want to help Europe come back to Jesus. I do this by heading up the British office team. We spread the vision for ministry in Europe, support those who feel called to go there, distribute prayer and news updates, and much more.

“People. Change. Europe. I am one of those people. You could be too!"

Director ECM Britain
Country of origin

With ECM since 2010