Jonathan & Danijela Vukov

Jonathan and Danijela Vukov join ECM to launch a church plant in Novi Marof, Croatia. This is the result of years of prayer and planning in response to the deep spiritual need in this region of their country. In the 51-mile stretch northeast from Zagreb to VaraĹždin, there are no evangelical churches apart from this effort.

The Vukovs bring decades of pastoral ministry experience and a passion to connect people to Jesus. Their vision is to see a vibrant, biblically based, caring community fellowship emerge from this undertaking.

We are delighted to have Jonathan, Danijela, and their children as part of ECM! We invite you to pray for the Vukovs and this church planting effort in Novi Marof.

First Culture Workers in Croatia
Country of origin

With ECM since 2023

Vukov - Image (Jonathan & Danijela)