Albert-Jan & Jacqueline Cloo

Marijke, Evert, Rindert, Rianne, Jorieke

To live in togetherness with God gives our life meaning, peace and joy. Throughout the years our desire has grown to share this with others.

In Deventer there are many people with spiritual needs. There is loneliness, brokenness, and the presence of occultism, wicca and the like. Only a few people know God. Albert-Jan and Jacqueline have noticed that through Jesus' work of reconciliation they can live in togetherness with God, which gives their lives meaning, peace and joy. They want to pass this on to the Deventer people.

Apart from the business of a family with five children, Albert-Jan and Jacqueline are working full time on this. They give several times a year Alpha Course, providing aftercare for Alpha Students, holding open evenings and prayer imagine from a centrally located open house available for coffee, conversation and prayer. They also help practically with cheap meals and a clothing bank. They do this with a team of volunteers from different churches in Deventer.

In this way they were able to bring a lot of people outside the church and on the edge of  the church closer to Jesus.

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