Summer Evangelism at Varazdin, Croatia

Varazdin, Croatia
Ministry Type:
Outreach and Evangelism

The church at Varazdin in Croatia is very active in evangelism and church planting. This summer the church is planning on holding two evangelistic events.

“Pokreni se” (In English: “Let's Go!”) is a three day evangelistic campaign/festival that takes place in the center of VaraĹždin with a package of evangelistic cultural events, such as musical bands from Austria and Mexico, former professional footballers, the presentation of “Super-Book” with the promotional full sized robot “Gizzmo”, and street evangelism over six hours for each of the three days, with teams simultaneously in the six main streets of the town center. The campaign will involve all of the town's evangelical churches. It will be mostly funded by the three evangelical churches and two other Christian organisations in the town, but you can contribute as well through ECM.

At the end of June there will be a week long discipleship and evangelistic camp on the Croatian coast. The church members will pay for themselves. Non-Christians will be invited as well, who will be asked to contribute to the cost if they can. However, some can not, for example a family with the husband/father in prison, and another who had their house destroyed in the recent earthquake. The church at Varazdin is asking if you can financially help these non-Christians come to the camp.

You can watch a video of a previous evangelistic campaign at