Urgent Emergency Response - Refugee Camp Fire in Greece

fire and smoke22/09/2020 13:50 Late on September 8th, a fire tore through Moria Refugee Camp on Lesvos Island and burned almost everything to ashes, rendering once again over 12,000 people homeless. Last week we asked you to pray. Now we'd like to ask you to help by giving. full story

Urgent prayer for Greece

Fire10/09/2020 12:37 Following Tuesday night’s fire outbreak on Lesvos Island which completely destroyed the refugee camp of Moria and rendered over 12,000 people once again without shelter, please pray for the Greek authorities as they respond to this new crisis. full story

Thousands to gather at Revive Europe

Revive.png01/09/2020 12:00 Five days of life-changing encounters with God through Bible teaching, evangelism training, fellowship and prayer for students and graduates from across Europe. full story