There's a place in Europe for YOU!

If you love Jesus and have a heart for Europe, then we may have the perfect opportunity for you.

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Welcome to our service opportunities page. You can search for opportunities to serve with ECM using one or more of the dropdown menus above. Click on the tab for the menu you want to use (Type, Duration, Ministry Type, Countries) to see the options. Click on the option(s) you want to include in your search. Once you have selected all the relevant options from one or more of the dropdown menus, click the Filter button to reveal the search results. If you select options from more than one dropdown menu, the numbers next to each option will automatically update to show you how many opportunities fit all of your criteria.

You can adjust your search criteria on the results page to widen or narrow the results. You can also click on ‘Start a new search’ to clear the filter and start again.

Our service opportunities are also listed on Global Connections and OSCAR