Europe needs Jesus. Now more than ever.

We are planting churches across Europe that share and show the love of Jesus.

Where will the journey take you?

Urgent refugee appeal: Find out what you can do...

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More support for church planting in Spain

M4.jpg28/04/2016 11:41 ECM workers are helping introduce M4, a church planting support tool, to Spain. full story

New Book: "Church Planting in Europe"

church-planting-in-europe-book.jpg30/03/2016 11:44 Want to find out more about the needs of Europe? Why not check out "Church Planting in Europe", co-edited by ECM Britain trustee Joanne Appleton and containing sections written by ECM missionaries Jim Memory and Stephen Bell. full story

What is ECM doing with refugees and migrants?

shutterstock_2059466.jpg30/03/2016 11:41 The current refugee crisis in Europe has dominated the media in recent weeks. But while it is truly shocking to us in the UK, to those on the ground in Europe responding to the needs of migrants and refugees is nothing new. full story
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