From football... to Christ

News Stories (2).pngMittwoch 23 November 2022 15:16

As the football world cup goes on this month, here is a story about how football can open doors for the gospel in Andalusia, Spain.

All areas of life can lead to Christ... if you want them to. And that's what the Coaching for Christ team from Northern Ireland has done in Andalusia, in collaboration with our missionaries there, Francis and Nathalie.

After a two-year hiatus, our Coaching for Christ brothers came once again from Northern Ireland to Spain, to offer football classes - and the message of Jesus - to 250 children in four twons in the Cordoba region in Andalusia. The children had a great time, and paid close attention when, at each training session, the coaches told testimonies or stories based on biblical values. On the last day, they offered a Bible to the children and their parents, and more than 100 took one home, praise God!

Nowadays, in the Spanish society, there is a great lack of knowledge about the Bible, which is growing as one generation gives way to the next. We think it is vital to teach children and teenagers who God is and what His message is, what are the things that His Word teaches us and that guide us to live a life according to the purpose designed by our Creator.

For this reason, we are grateful for the partnership with the ministry of Coaching for Christ. In Spain football is a huge part of life and therefore it is a door to share the message of salvation. Together we can do more and all gifts add up to the gospel when we put them in God's hands. Thank you!

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