Jeroen & Marieke Baks

Stan, Micha, Elianne, Timon

Romania longs for reliability. It's our desire that Romanians - through Christians - will see that God is so faithful that they can build their lives upon Him.

Years ago Jeroen and Marieke started to learn about Romania and both of them were moved by the country and its inhabitants. Jeroen's background is in building and he would like to serve using this experience. Marieke would like to invest her time in working with families. They long to show the Romanians that God is so faithful that they can build their lives upon Him.

Jeroen and Marieke Baks live in Romania since 2009. In the summer of 2012 they left the big city of Timisoara where they made their first steps as missionaries. Together with their children Stan, Micha and Elianne they moved to the southern region of Oltenia. In Oltenia, they were involved in church planting, children's ministry and social work. In spring 2016 they made another step in mission moving to Câmpina.

Here we are sustaining the local church planted in 2006 by Jurjen and Loredana Nagel. Together with them, we are reaching out to the gipsy communities in the area, helping elder people in a practical way and doing evangelistic outreaches in the neighborhood. In this wat they are making the local church in Câmpina relevant for the community and will make a difference for the people in need. The church is in the stage of being formed and challenged to go out and spread he gospel and taking actively part in the body of Christ according to the God given gifts.

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