Tjerk & Anneke van Dijk

Lydia, Eva, David

Many people around us have lost touch with our great and good God. Nevertheless, they are searching for something deeper, for unconditional love and meaning. They are thirsty for Jesus.

Tjerk and Anneke van Dijk have been involved in building missionary communities in Maastricht since 2007. They do this together with other families. They initiate, build and participate in inclusive communities where everyone is welcome and seen. Families share life together and are actively engaged in the local community. In their missional community ‘VIND’, people get the opportunity to get to know each other, to experience the love of Jesus and to discover the Christian faith. See

Tjerk also helps and trains other missional communities in The Netherlands via the organization Nederland Zoekt. Anneke works as an assistant professor at Maastricht University.

We are actively looking for families that want to start or strengthen missional communities in The Netherlands and specifically in Maastricht.

First Culture Workers in the Netherlands
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