Sebastian & Fabiana Braun

We are the Braun family, Sebastian (8.8.87), Fabiana (3.10.87), Naomi (1.9.2015), Yael (4.9.2018).

Since 2019 we have been working as missionaries at the Patchwork Center in Schwerin, East Germany. Sebastian is a nurse and community educator, and before 2019 he worked as a prayer house founder in Sinsheim. Fabiana is Brazilian and a missionary sent out from Brazil to Germany. She worked in the Christian Refugee Aid Sinsheim before working at the Patchwork Center.

We were then called by God to Schwerin, as there are hardly any Christians in Schwerin. Sebastian's tasks are in street outreach, relocation support, children's sports and general help at the Patchwork Center. Fabiana is active in the Bible study and cares fot the many women that come to the Patchwork Centre. These are our tasks and we are happy to be part of ECM to help build God's kingdom in East Germany.

Missionaries in Germany
País de origen
Germany / Brazil

With ECM since 2019

Fam Braun