Produce to Bless

Proyectos misioneros y sociales
Pozoblanco, Cordoba, Spain
Ministerios de Compasión

The Good Samaritan Association, founded in 1993, has had a therapeutic center since 1994 founded by MCE missionaries Francis and Nathalie Arjona and by Elisabeth Bolduan of our collaborators in Germany, DMG.

The self-financing of the Therapeutic Centre "El Buen Samaritano" (The Good Samaritan) is largely based on the production of olives and vegetables. For the production of olives, we have about 2000 olive trees, whose production allows us to have our own brand of organic olive oil. The vegetables produced, both in the vegetable garden and in the greenhouse, are used first of all for the residents of the Centre and also for the beneficiaries of the social aid programme called "Dorcas" financed by the Pozoblanco Town Hall. Right now we have a permanent volunteer, a specialist in agriculture and greenhouses, who is willing to start up the greenhouse again in order to improve the production conditions.

This project consists of three parts:

1- Repair of the greenhouse

The greenhouse suffered the impact of a gale which caused a breakage in the dome of the greenhouse. The covering material and the ironwork of the structure were broken. In order to produce vegetables, the damaged part needs to be covered and the structural tubes need to be straightened. The greenhouse is used to grow seeds for planting in the greenhouse or in the vegetable garden.

2- Production system

We want to produce vegetables on a regular basis with a system called hydroponics, which saves water and allows us to produce vegetables constantly.

3- Tilling machine

For all this work in the vegetable garden, greenhouse and also for the olive trees we need a more powerful tilling machine to make the work easier, so we need to buy a new machine.

Costs and Impact

The whole cost of this project is €6450. We are praying for funds to arrive in order to increase production as a more stable and regular source of income, save water, fuel and time, and provide top quality ecological products for the 108 beneficiaries of our social programme.

This service also allows us to share the gospel with the people impacted by our social programme, and serve those in need.

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