Ministry in Lviv, Ukraine

Proyectos misioneros y sociales
Lviv, Ukraine
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Our ECM workers in Ukraine are dedicated to serving others throughout this war. Of course, they are affected by the air raid warnings and long power outages themselves, as they do this. All of this takes a toll on their physical and emotional strength, and it has increased their expenses. We want to raise support for them as they carry this burden.

Their ministry is varied and it adapts to the needs as these keep changing. Some of their regular ministry includes: working and pastoring a church plant. Children's and youth ministries, both on site and through internet ministries. Storing and then transporting food to other ministry centres across the country. Hosting and providing homes for some longer-term refugees, as well as overnight accommodation at their centre for people travelling to and from Ukraine to transport refugees and relief goods in and out of the country.

How can you help?

Only two of our ECM workers, Roman and Iryna, are fully funded. We are praying that regular support will be raised to cover the full salaries of Nazar, Olga, Viktoria, Stepan and Nadiya. With €980 a month we can cover both the salary and the taxes for one of these full-time workers.

  • Can you or your church contribute to the ongoing personal support for an ECM worker in Lviv (€50-€980 per month)?
  • You can also share these needs with your network. Together, we can do more!
  • Remember, any amount will help!