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The start of the church in Onda began many, many years ago... maybe 30! It began when many older sisters started praying and interceding for the town of Onda, from "the Good Shepherd" Church, located in Castellón de La Plana, the provincial capital. The church also started to visit and run evangelistic activities, but nothing was established initially.

Things began to happen when a couple from the mother church got married and moved to Onda. An ECM missionary family moved to join them in September 2003. An evangelistic campaign "Onda Amiga" was run in collaboration with the Billy Graham ministries in Spain during the summer of 2004 and that was when the work officially started. At that time God was adding more and more people who became or were already believers in town (but hadn't been able to attend any church because there wasn't one) and in 2007 another missionary couple arrived with specific developing gifts.

Today, the Església Evangélica "Bona Nova" d'Onda (in the Valencian language) church is autonomous, self governing and supporting its own pastor, Will Polo Bardales (from Perú), with a growing international-multicultral congregation which is maturing and trying to impact and reach out to Onda's society with the Gospel of love in Jesus Christ.

One family and some others from Alcora (16 kms away from Onda) have been attending the church in Onda to worship for many years, and so ministry efforts are being made in the neighboring town of L'Alcora, where by request of the "Bona Nova" church, BJ & Rachel Whitaker (with Miriam and Laura), an ECM missionary family, have settled and are helping and supporing the church in reaching out and evangelising to the local people. Together, they are working to develop a real community of believers and followers of Christ.