Wild at Heart

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It is no secret that when men’s hearts are fully alive, strengthened and healthy, God can do amazing things.  But currently in Spain men often have a bad rap, both in society and sometimes in the church, with common stereotypes of being either violently aggressive and machista, or passive and “pasota,” which can express itself in a myriad of ways.  

What if the solution wasn’t more information about the Gospel (guys, just believe this and your behaviour will follow)?  And what if the solution wasn’t merely behaviour modification (fellas, just behave yourselves)?  What if there was a way to present the Gospel in a way that engages men because it engages the way God has designed their hearts?  We believe there is, and we believe that Wild at Heart is part of the solution.

Wild at Heart is a book by John Eldredge, but it’s also a ministry and a way of approaching the masculine heart by looking at a man’s core desires, his story with all the good, bad and ugly that’s there, and also discovering what God offers him in Jesus to restore, strengthen and use him deeply to transform his family, church and world.

We are initially looking to run this project for three years (2022-2025), and possibly longer into the future, and the total value of the project, including the material, promotion and annual retreats, is of €9900 (€3300/year).