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Barcelona, Spain
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Translation project: “How to talk about Jesus (without being THAT guy)”

Have you ever put your foot in it when sharing about Jesus?
Or at least it has felt like you did? “How to talk about Jesus (without being THAT guy)”: personal evangelism in a sceptical world, by Sam Chan is a relevant book for you, and I would like to get it into the hands of my students in their heart language, in Spanish.

I work with university students in Spain, encouraging them to talk about Jesus on their university campus. As I read this book, I thought how good it would be for the students that I work with on a daily basis to be able to read it, hence this project to get it translated into Spanish!

This project aims to raise the necessary funds to cover the translation, publication and distribution of this book.  Although there are many books already on this topic, it is one of the best books I have read on the subject and would love the students to also be encouraged and challenged by it. (I encourage you to get reading it too!)

I hope that by reading about new and simple, yet profound, ways of engaging with those who don’t yet know Christ, the GBU students would be encouraged to step out and share the gospel with those around them. This book outlines simple and relevant ideas for the 21st century of how to engage, which hopefully will further inspire the students to share life, and thus their faith, with those who don’t yet know Christ.

We need 4,000€ to cover the translation and printing costs. Would you consider partnering with us to raise this?

Aislinn Duffy, ECM missionary in Spain

The translation project will be through Andamio Editorial (, the publishing house that forms part of GBUnidos Spain, Grupos Bíblicos Unidos (United Bible Groups). GBUnidos is made up of four sections; GBE (Scripture Union), GBU (IFES Christian Union), GBG (Graduate movement) and Andamio Editorial. 

The aim of Andamio Editorial is to provide Christian literature to build up the Evangelical church in Spain. The name “Andamio” means “scaffolding” in Spanish, with their aim being to provide literature that supports, builds up and equips. From the contents of the books being faithful to God’s Word to the presentation and design of them, it all seeks to be true, authentic and beautiful.

One of the categories within Andamio Editorial is “GBU Conecta” which contains books for university students, books that they can give to seekers about the Christian faith, others on personal evangelism and how to share with their friends, as well as books on apologetics and defending the faith. This is part where I work, with university students, thus wanting to get this book translated and into the hands of students across Spain.