De Ontmoeting - evangelism in Deventer

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In Deventer many people live in spiritual distress. There is loneliness, brokenness in all forms and a strong presence of occultism, wicca and more. Not many people know Jesus. Albert-Jan and Jacqueline Cloo want to show people that Jesus wants to reconcile us with God, which gives us meaning, peace and joy in life.

Albert-Jan and Jacqueline founded 'De Ontmoeting' (English: the meeting place), a community centre in the middle of the city. They serve the people of Deventer both spiritually and practically. In the community centre people can buy second-hand clothes or get a cheap meal. They can also just come for a coffee, a conversation or a prayer. The centre also contains a bookshop, which helps to cover some of the costs.

Several local churches are connected to the project. People who come to faith through (for example) the Alpha courses Albert-Jan and Jacqueline organize, often times find a place in one of those churches to further grow in discipleship and fellowship.

“Especially in this time there is so much need for the good news of Jesus Christ,” says Albert-Jan. “There is a great need for comfort, encouragement and hope. So many people in Deventer need saving!”