Supporting Refugees in Spain

Proyectos misioneros y sociales
Pozoblanco, Cordoba, Spain
Ministerio a InmigrantesMinisterios de Compasión

There is a continual flow of migrants from countries in Central and south America. In Venezuela the situation is such that families are fleeing their home country due to the corruption. 

The Good Samaritan Association, founded in 1993, has had a therapeutic center since 1994 founded by MCE missionaries Francis and Nathalie Arjona and by Elisabeth Bolduan of our collaborators in Germany, DMG. Now, they are providing support for 3 refugee families from Venezuela, 6 adults and 7 children. We have been in contact with them and have put at their disposition the facilities at the Good Samaritan Centre as an initial place to stay for the first few months, whilst the process of applying for residency takes place.

This project goes towards covering the costs for the time at the centre and the transition to housing in the local area. Support is needed for housing, food, and basic needs until they can be financially stable. Would you like to partner with us as we help them in this process?

Caring for our neighbours...