Matthijs & Simone Laan

Jorik, Ilse, Faith, Caleb and Silas

In a world in which many people know the church only as a (hypocrite) institution, we may bring people in contact with Jesus in a refreshing way. We hope that they will be drawn to Him.

Matthijs and Simone Laan have five children: Jorik, Ilse, Faith, Caleb and Silas. For eight years they have lived and worked in Zambia as missionaries. After two years of talking, praying and discovering the door back to Holland opened and they are now resided in Maastricht (southern part of Holland). In Maastricht they continue their missionary work in a way that fits good to their way of living and how they are formed as a family during the time in Zambia.

Family Laan is associated to a so called mission community, a group of people who -out of the Gospel- reaches out to others. It is a mission community of all ages, cultures and backgrounds which is built over the past few years. The desire of Matthijs and Simone is that in the future there may be grow a new mission community around their family.

A mission community means to stay in touch with different people and cultures. Come together on a regular base, mostly outside: in this way participating is accommodative and everyone sees the variety of the people. Sometimes  the activity is focussed on getting to know each other better with for example a familyplay on the Pietersberg. But in the rhythm together are also activities in which –young and old- discover more from the Bible and in which we celebrate who God is. All activities we do as accommodative as possible. In the heart of the community prayer and discipleship are central, so how they can listen to God personally and how can they be obedient.

Matthijs and Simone would like to have an open and hospitable home, in which people can relate to one another and to God. That when one has his doubts about Gods existence, they all will shout, just like their youngest son Silas: “But don’t you know that?! God is here and He is good!”

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